Why Choose Concise Mobile?


Concise Mobile's team has more DSD experience than any competitor - a face-to-face meeting and a detailed, hands-on product demonstration will prove that.

Flexible hardware choices

Concise provides a platform built on the latest technology, but is able to run on legacy Windows Mobile devices. This allows minimization of new equipment investment while continuing to benefit from past hardware investments. Of course, our solution excels at running on the "latest and greatest" hardware as well.

Customizable interfaces

Concise minimizes cost of deployment and maintenance by adapting to required file formats and protocols.

Custom application features

Concise delivers custom application changes that account for specialized requirements, thus minimizing training costs and reducing business procedure changes.


Concise offers a superior solution with an extraordinarily high return on investment (ROI). We lead the industry on "bang for the buck" - you'll find our pricing is extremely competitive.

Source code

Some companies feel having source code minimizes risk. Concise offers source code as an option - one that's unmatched in the industry. Some source code ownership scenarios:

  • Contract with Concise for future upgrades and maintenance
  • Contract with third party companies for support
  • Maintain the application via in-house developers

Application source code ensures your company's mobility future.