Consulting and Development Services

  • Software Development Services
    In addition to our Direct Store Delivery products, Concise Mobile is a professional services provider specializing in business software development. We service small and middle sized companies, as well as provide large Enterprise-class implementations. We are adept at developing mobile, desktop, system service, Web service, and end-user-facing Web-based software. Concise Mobile’s expert-level software engineers handle each tier of the functional pyramid: back-end database, business layer, middleware, and user interface. We also have deep experience in data transformation, communication protocols, and creating interfaces between disparate systems.

  • Technology and Methodology
    Concise focuses on Microsoft .NET technologies to build world-class custom software applications. We use third party tools only where it makes sense, typically preferring the control and flexibility of leveraging the extensive functionality provided in the core Microsoft framework. Concise also embraces standards-based “best practice” patterns, such as Microsoft’s Model-View-Presenter user interface design pattern. Our methodologies and technologies are flexible to meet the unique technical, financial and organizational requirements of each of our customers.

  • Customer-focused Results
    Concise provides custom software that enables our customers to achieve their goals while spending less. We listen to the needs of our customers and identify development areas for the best return on investment. Concise is a results-oriented development shop. We achieve these results through careful analysis of customer “needs and wants” while eliminating elements that don’t contribute to the goal. Our goal is to provide high-performance, easy-to-maintain applications that meet or exceed the customer’s needs – on time and with competitive costs.