Our Mission

Concise Mobile's mission statement: To provide comprehensive, efficient handheld computing solutions. We combine unmatched domain experience with state of the art technology to provide a superior mobile product. Our lean, agile structure coupled with open customer communication allows us to rapidly respond to customization requests. Our support and professional services teams aim to provide an unrivaled customer service level.

Concise Mobile provides reliable, full-featured systems with long life spans. Our automated mobile systems streamline operations, maximize revenue, and help DSD and other companies gain a competitive edge. Most importantly, Concise has created a product that is easy to use and navigate by sales and delivery professionals.

Some key elements demonstrate Concise's commitment to customers:

  • Precise understanding and definition of customer needs
  • Aggressive, strategic entrepreneurship
  • Innovation driven by long-term vision
  • Speed and decisiveness in actions
  • Precision in thinking, planning, communication, and execution
  • Encyclopedic domain knowledge
  • Outstanding return on investment (ROI)